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Concrete acid stains can be used by Josh’s Flooring and Installations for a totally unique, customized look to your concrete. It involves using a mild acid and coloring agents to produce permanently colored concrete by inducing a chemical reaction in your concrete. Basements and commercial spaces are perfect for concrete staining, as well as outdoor patios. There are no limits to what you can do!

With our industry-leading sealers and preparation, you’ll get the perfect stained concrete floor. Our prep equipment and materials are of the highest quality. In order to create a smooth and clean concrete surface, we use a concrete diamond grinder. Afterwards, we seal it with our Polyaspartic clear coat and apply our proprietary dye/stain. Acid stained floors offer the aesthetic beauty and appearance of an industrial-grade coating with the performance of an acid stained floor.

Our clear coat can be added with traction additives to ensure a non-slip surface for patios and walkways. The Polyaspartic coating allows you to have a beautiful stained concrete area while maintaining its durability. Repairs can be made to cracks, spalling (pits, divots, holes, etc.) and other defects. In some cases, however, leaving your floor’s flaws alone can make it more appealing.

In most cases, removing existing coatings, sealants, glues, or mastics is not a problem. Prior to staining and/or sealing concrete, we make sure it is clean and suitable with our professional equipment.

In Denver Metro Area and Northern Colorado up to Longmont, Josh’s Flooring and Installations prides itself on being upfront, honest, and acting with integrity. Repeat customers and word-of-mouth referrals account for the majority of our work.

Concrete Acid Staining Application

A bit of art goes into acid staining concrete. A wide variety of custom concrete effects can be safely applied by Josh’s Flooring and Installations with minimal impact on the environment.

To react properly with calcium and lime in concrete, an acid stain needs to be applied to a clean, unsealed surface. It is important to neutralize and clean up the reaction after it is complete. A unique, one-of-a-kind outcome is what makes acid stains so attractive. The floor can be sealed once it is clean and dry. You can seal the concrete in your new floor to give it the desired sheen and finish depending on the area you’re finishing (could be your basement, office, or patio).

What is Acid Stain?

An acid stain is salts or a combination of salts that are carried by acid, typically hydrochloric acid, to help facilitate a chemical reaction with the calcium and lime in the cream of the concrete, which is the top layer. An example that many homeowners are familiar with: the rust spots on your sidewalk or driveway from fertilizing the yard. It’s the same principle. The iron turns to iron oxide (rust) and permanently dis-colors the concrete. The same is true with an acid stain – the color is permanent. Although it’s strongly suggested, it theoretically doesn’t need to be sealed.

Reviews From Clients
Coy J. Duckett
Coy J. Duckett
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Super great service and has the best prices out here in Denver. Finishes in a timely manner and has an amazing staff. Treats you like family and makes sure you like the quality of his work. Highly recommend it to anyone out here looking to get their floors done. Well done to Josh and his team.
Nicholas Denman
Nicholas Denman
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I was pretty shocked when I started to research epoxy flooring companies in Denver. I had never heard of any company that could provide top-quality epoxy flooring at a budget-friendly price. Well, Josh's Flooring and Installations has been giving me peace of mind every step of the way!
Joseph Vargas
Joseph Vargas
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Josh's Flooring and Installations did a superb job with our epoxy garage floor. They were in and out in 2 days, left everything clean and the flooring finish looks incredible. Everything was very professional and the work done was high quality. We were impressed.
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