Quartz Floors

Quartz floors are made to withstand harsh environments with their extreme durability and chemical resistance.

Whether it’s a high-traffic area in a busy medical facility or an outdoor pool deck, some spaces simply cannot tolerate low-quality flooring. With quartz system flooring from Josh’s Flooring and Installations, even the harshest conditions can’t be defeated. This multilayer flooring system combines slip resistance, strength, and style – making it a great long-term investment for a home or commercial building.
Suitable for residential and industrial floor coatings

Polyurea is used to build our quartz flooring, which is exceptionally durable. In addition to the basecoat and topcoat that make this concrete polyurea coating system particularly suitable for wet or moisture-prone areas, five distinct layers are used to make it stronger. With polyurea-based quartz, you’ll get a range of benefits you’ll never get with any other floor finish, including:

We offer a variety of high-traffic applications and industrial floor coatings that our quartz system is ideal for, including:

A high-quality system that’s guaranteed by warranty and proven to last will make your life easier. Make your life easier by choosing a system that’s guaranteed by warranty and proven to last!
Request a free, on-site estimate from Josh’s Flooring and Installations to learn more about our quartz, metallic, or chip system floor options.

Reviews From Clients
Coy J. Duckett
Coy J. Duckett
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Super great service and has the best prices out here in Denver. Finishes in a timely manner and has an amazing staff. Treats you like family and makes sure you like the quality of his work. Highly recommend it to anyone out here looking to get their floors done. Well done to Josh and his team.
Nicholas Denman
Nicholas Denman
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I was pretty shocked when I started to research epoxy flooring companies in Denver. I had never heard of any company that could provide top-quality epoxy flooring at a budget-friendly price. Well, Josh's Flooring and Installations has been giving me peace of mind every step of the way!
Joseph Vargas
Joseph Vargas
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Josh's Flooring and Installations did a superb job with our epoxy garage floor. They were in and out in 2 days, left everything clean and the flooring finish looks incredible. Everything was very professional and the work done was high quality. We were impressed.
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